Dr. Kamens offers the following services:

Individual Psychotherapy: Dr. Kamens practices person-centered, integrative psychotherapy with adults of all ages. This means that the therapeutic approach and modalities will be tailored specifically to you and what you are going through. Along the way, you will set goals and check in about your progress towards them. Individual psychotherapy is intended to be a safe and supportive space for exploring both past experiences and the life that you would like to live.

Family Psychotherapy: Dr. Kamens’s has expertise in supporting families impacted by mental health challenges. She supports families in addressing tensions, enhancing understandings, and establishing secure and supportive relationships.

Couples Psychotherapy: Using a supportive and person-centered approach, Dr. Kamens supports couples in exploring and addressing difficulties in relationships. Dr. Kamens works with couples in traditional relationships as well as those who practice polyamory and other alternative ways of being with others.

Psychological Assessments: Dr. Kamens typically conducts a psychological assessment at the outset of psychotherapy with new clients. One-time assessments are also available upon request. Dr. Kamens takes a person-centered approach to assessment, which includes a comprehensive interview and additional sources of information based on each client’s individual situation and needs.

Consultations: Dr. Kamens provides psychological consultations to individuals, family members, community members, mental health professionals, and others on the topics of (1) psychosocial and recovery-oriented approaches to psychosis and ‘serious mental illness’ and (2) alternatives to the current diagnostic paradigm in mental health. Please inquire for more information about consultations using the contact form.

Appointments for these services can be booked by clicking here.